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So last week we celebrated our 7th Birthday since we opened the Royal Villa in Salthill. And this June will mark 26 years since Charlie opened the original Royal Villa in Shop Street. If I’m having a hard time realising 7 years have flown past doing this then I can only imagine how he feels. Charlie is still doing his thing, working hard all the time in Oranmore. Be sure to call into him if you’re that side of town and need your Royal Villa fix.

At the time some thought we were crazy taking a chance on a new business just as things in Ireland were starting to turn pretty bad. But we knew we could do it and we were willing to take the chance of it working out and to believe in ourselves to do it. We knew that the people of Galway still wanted a Royal Villa in the city so we were just giving them what they wanted.

Having your own business, especially a restaurant is a challenging endeavour, much more so than people might think. But it does bring its own rewards and benefits… I have eaten a substantial amount of free dinners over the last 7 years… Its also been a busy 7 years for us personally seeing as I also managed to squeeze in getting married, building a house, doing my second degree at college and having a baby into the same time. I guess I like to multitask!

But its a big committment to be in this industry, thankfully made a lot easier as we love what we do and we’re very lucky to have some great people as regular customers that make the whole experience much more enjoyable and the time fly past.

For every time I’ve put in crazy long days, stressed out over finding staff or trying to juggle tables to keep everyone happy, there really is no better feeling than being in the restaurant on a busy night, feeling the buzz in the place and talking to happy customers.

So I guess what we’re saying is really a big thank you. A thank you to all our loyal customers, a thank you to my great staff who have worked so hard and been so good to us and to each other. We’re lucky to have such a good team who we can trust completely to always do their work efficiently and honestly.

We’ll be here for at least 7 more years and I hope 7 after that so long as you all keep supporting us. I look forward to serving you all a lot of meals in that time and maybe even have a few chats as well.