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Another weekend, another set of specials to tell you all about! Hope you all had a good Race Week folks. I ventured out on Monday myself with some friends and broke even so can’t complain! Just need to keep away from that PaddyPower website now ๐Ÿ˜‰

So this weekends specials:


Beef & Mushroom Spring Rolls, Portobello Mushroom and a Thyme Jus

Our chef is being very nice to me the last few weekends with some of these great mushroom dishes which I just love. Can’t beat a tasty spring roll and when you add that lovely soft juicy portobello mushroom, well, I was very happy indeed, as were a lot of customers. We sold a lot of specials this weekend which I think is a reflection of both the quality of the dishes we’re putting up and people starting to get familiar with the concept.


Goats Cheese Salad, Poached Pear, Balsamic Reduction, Toasted Cashewnuts

You just can’t go wrong with a nice goats cheese salad. Add to it some soft sweet poached pear (from Ernies on Sea Rd) and you’re onto a winner when you also have the crunch of the cashewnuts for a nice bit of texture in the dish. I had to stop myself from going for this one because I just know I would have eaten all our servings for the day!


Linguine Pasta tossed in a Thai Red Curry scented sauce with Cauliflower, Topped with lightly battered Crispy Prawns

Crispy Prawns make everything better! And Thai Red Curry is always a popular choice so this was a big seller over the weekend. Pasta actually works surprisingly well with these types of dishes and makes the whole thing a bit moreish!


Tandoori Butter Chicken Curry, served with Boiled Rice, Naan Bread & Yoghurt Dressing

This is a dish that lead us somewhat on the way to the whole East Meets West concept. We had tried this out a couple of times on our old Chef Special and it always flew out the door, people just love it and I’ve had a few regulars ask us to put it on the menu full time. So we figured we’d go for a tried and true classic given the weekend that was in it. I couldn’t tell my little brother this was on for the weekend because every time it is he comes in and eats it all, had to leave some for our customers. The butteriness of the sauce with some lovely fresh wilted spinach cooked through it makes this too easy to eat.


Stawberry Basil Mousse, Candied Orange Peel, Watermelon & Star Anise Consomme

I probably put way too much work on myself this weekend making this dessert since it has so many elements but it was worth it. The mousse itself is not actually all that sweet and has a herby element from the basil. But when you add the consomme to it the whole dish lifts with that freshness of the watermelon and a little sweetness.

Thats all for this week folks, thanks to everyone for dining with us during Race Week and to so many for choosing the specials this weekend. Back soon, Jeff.