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Artist Jin Yong at Exhibition Launch

Artist Jin Yong at Exhibition Launch


On Thursday November 3rd we had our inaugural art exhibition at our restaurant in Salthill. We were delighted to host this in conjuction with The Village Salthill and on behalf of artist Jin Yong.

Jin is an incredibly talented artist and a good friend of Royal Villa. While Jin has a variety of paintings, from celebrities to landscapes, his passion is in painting wildlife. His collection ranges from owls to tigers and each piece is bright and beautiful while also having a dark core. I get the impression that this is how Jin sees the world. A place where there is so much sorrow and destruction he wants to put a colourful front to it to help spread some happiness.  A lot of his work relates to animals and it is truly beautiful pieces such as this that he’s well known for:


But we asked Jin to do something a little different for us. We asked if maybe he would be interested in going in a new direction and painting some pieces for us that relate to Salthill and the Royal Villa. And we have to say he simply outdid himself. Beautiful pieces ranging from seascapes to captures of the restaurant as well as Galway Hookers on the bay, it’s easy to see why we had such a crowd in the restaurant on the night and they loved it all so much.




We like to feel we put on a good show for the night with some nice food and wine for our guests and a great atmosphere for them to soak in. We’re going to keep the pieces on display for a few weeks for all those who couldn’t make it on the night. We can’t wait to have our next exhibition so if you know anyone who might be interested then we are on the hunt for our next artist. Big thanks to everyone who came along on the night.

If you’d like to know more about Jin and his work then check out his Facebook his Instagram or follow him on Twitter