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The weekends just keep on flying by and we’re halfway through August! Its hard to believe since it doesn’t really feel like we’ve had an actual summer yet, but here’s hoping. Still, despite all that we had a great weekend here at the restaurant and some really tasty dishes. So, lets start:



Royal Villa Chowder with Naan Bread

Theres just something about a nice chowder thats hard to beat. Made with beautiful local Smoked Coley from Marys Fish shop tis had that great combination of a rich deep flavour with a nice creaminess. And it turns out naan bread is a wonderful accompaniment to chowder.


Cantonese Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing

Nice sticky Cantonese sauce covering some juicy chicken wings with a good strong blue cheese dressing to complement them. A very satisfying starter.


Steamed Hake with Pea & Mint Puree, Ginger Fried Rice and Prawn Wontons

A delicately steamed fillet of Hake and who doesn’t love a nice Pea puree with their fish. The ginger fried rice lent a nice little kick to complement the light flavour of the fish and we even gave you some wontons cause we like to spoil you.


Hoi Sin Glazed Bacon Chop, Potato & Black Pudding Samosa, Sauteed Green Cabbage

Once my chef told me this was going to be one of the dishesI just had to try it out for myself. I’m a sucker for bacon so if you give me that and a nice sticky hoi sin glaze then I’m in. The samosas worked out great with that little salty hit from the black pudding and complemented nicely with the fresh green cabbage.


Green Tea Sponge, Chocolate Mousse, Orange Crumb, Vanilla Ice Cream

This dessert was what my wife referred to as an “organised mess” and personally I love this style of presentation. The joy of this was that you get a little taste of everything in each mouthful. We even added a nice orange syrup to soak the sponge in and everyone who had it agreed that it was very tasty indeed!

Thats all for now folks, but a little bit of other news. Please go check out The Village Salthill as we’re working on some interesting little projects for the Salthill area.