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There was a great buzz around Salthill this weekend, we had lots of families and tourists in. I’m not sure if its that almost back to school vibe or just something else but we had a full house for most of the weekend and lots of those were first timers who I’m sure we’ll be seeing again soon based on how happy they were leaving!

So lets talk about this weekends specials.


Prawn Salad, Caesar Style Dressing & Crisp Smoked Bacon

An alternative take on the Caesar salad this is definitely one to try out. Prawns and bacon are great together and a nice light refreshing salad brings the whole thing together.


Chicken, Cream Cheese, Chive & Black Pepper Wontons, Sweet Chilli Sauce

Thats the great thing about wontons, they are so versatile and a great vehicle for trying out different and unusual flavour combinations. That little bite of the black pepper is a nice contrast to the delicate flavours of the chicken and cream cheese.


Seafood Linguine, Prawn, Mussels & Clams in a light Coconut & Chilli sauce, herb toast

We had some really beautiful shellfish in this weekend from Marys Fish in Ballybane and when you have fresh mussels and clams theres nothing better to do with them than a coconut & chilli sauce! Fresh, light and with a hint of richness this was a great dish.


Thai Braised Lamb Shank, Boiled Rice, Potato & Pak Choi Samosas

A generous meaty lamb shank, a tasty sauce and a generous serving of rice with some great samosas. A very hearty dish and a very popular one.


Cookies & Cream Fudge, Chinese Almond Cookies, Cappuccino Ice Cream

Absolutely sinful dessert. Sticky, rich, biscuit crunch and a indulgent icecream. We sold more of this than any other dessert special we’ve done so far. Going to have to work out how to top this next weekend now!

See you next week folks!