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What a weekend, it was crazy busy here in Royal Villa Salthill! First off congratulations and fair play to everyone who took part in the Streets of Galway 8k Run on Saturday night. I saw a lot of you run past the restaurant and the conditions were far from ideal for the run! I even managed to spot a friend running past and was able to shout encouragement/abuse at him 🙂

The dishes were extremely well received this weekend. So much so that we actually sold out of everything on Friday night. Well done to our kitchen crew who put a seriously hard slog this weekend to get everything done. So, onto the dishes themselves!




Tandoori BBQ Jumbo Prawns, Celeriac Crisp, Yoghurt Dressing, Fresh Leaves

Tasty, BBQ, crunchy, fresh… and nice cool yoghurt, this had it all. Most popular starter of the weekend.


Smoky BBQ Flavoured Duck & Prawn Meat Sung

Meat Sung is always a very popular dish for us so it was an inspired idea by our chef to make this variation on it for our specials and it went down a treat.


Pan Fried Sea Trout with Spinach Risotto, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Spiced Prawn Wontons

I think of all the fish dishes we’ve done in last few weeks this one was the most popular. I guess we all love a nice bit of risotto with a nice flavourful sauce.


Penne Pasta tossed in Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce with Crispy Shredded Chicken

Hard to go wrong with shredded chicken, even harder to go wrong with Thai Sweet chilli sauce so I’m sure its plain to see why everyone loved this dish!


Vanilla Passionfruit Sponge, Lemon Curd, Rhubarb Ice Cream                                                         Kept it simple this week with the dessert and it was very well received as well. Sourness from the curd, tartness of the rhubarb ice cream all balanced with the sweetness of the sponge, I ate a nice bit of this myself!