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What a weekend! It was all about Galway this weekend and here’s hoping that when the judges finish up later today that they feel the same way.

We had some very nice dishes on this weekend, have a look!



Chinese Leaf and Asparagus soup, topped with our own Garlic & Spinach oil

This was an interesting blend for a soup but the addition of the homemade garlic & spinach oil really lifted it into another level.


Homemade pulled BBQ Beef, Smoky BBQ Sauce, Fresh Leaves,Crunchy Toast, Garlic Mayo

This was another of these starters that I had to stop myself from eating all of it! The rich smoky bbq sauce with a nice hit of paprika made this seriously tasty, not to mention the fact that the beef was ridiculously soft and tender, practically melting in the mouth. This one was a real hit.



Fresh Haddock Fillet, Saute Spinach & Pak Choi, Buttery Homemade Herb & Potato Gnocchi, Lightly Spiced Tomato Sauce

My word but these gnocchi were delicious, and when you had them with that tomato sauce, they were the perfect choice to go with some local fresh haddock from Marys Fish in Ballybane. This was the most popular dish of the weekend and its easy to see why.


Thinly Sliced Oriental Duck, tossed with Penne Pasta in a light creamy White Wine & Asparagus Sauce topped with shredded Scallions

This was actually my own favourite for the weekend, but I’m a sucker for good duck! A very moreish dish, its interesting to see how the addition of asparagus to the sauce meant you were still able to appreciate the flavour of the duck even with a creamy sauce.


Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse, Passionfruit Biscuit, Fresh Raspberries

A deceptively simple, yet very satisfying dessert. I spent a lot of my weekend making this – firstly because one of my staff liked the biscuits so much he ate almost all I made on Friday and then we sold out again on Saturday night.

And thats all for this week folks. Heres hoping when I’m writing this next week its from the official Capital of Culture!

Good luck Galway, talk to you all soon!