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What a weekend! We really got a rhythm going with our new menu concept and on top of that, Fathers Day was yesterday and it was great to see so many people choosing to celebrate their Dads day with us. It was all a little crazy but we had fun!

Had a huge response to the menu this weekend and I think we had our most popular dishes yet. So a fe wpictures below of the dishes:


White Pudding with Ginger & Spring Onion Wontons & Sweet Chilli Sauce

A nice little variation on the classic wonton, who would have guessed that ginger and spring onion would work so well with white pudding!


Sweet Chilli Noodle & Chicken Salad with fresh vegetables & toasted Sesame Seeds

Most popular starter on our menu for the weekend, a real summer salad and in fact some people loved it so much they were taking portions home with them as well!


From the Wok – Rib Eye Beef with our take on an Asian Mushroom Ragu
tossed with Linguine Pasta

A real moresih dish, lots of different types of mushrooms lending a rich umami flavour to complement the tenderness of the rib eye beef. And the onion rings were seriously tasty!


Royal Villa Fish’n’Chips – Lightly battered Cod fillets with mushy pea Samosa,
Wasabi Mayonnaise & home made Chunky Chips

What can we say about this!! The most popular dish of the weekend, we just took the classic fish and chips and made it even better! Everyone loved the tasty fresh local cod, the light crispy batter and the mushy peas in the samosas were seriously munchable! 🙂


Dark Chocolate Tofu Cheesecake, Cinnamon & Black Sesame Crumb,
Chilli Cherry Jelly, Sesame Praline

And we also had a very unusual and popular dessert special. The spicy chilli cherry jelly went so well with the smoothness of the cheesecake, we were really happy with how this turned out. In fact this received such a good response that I think we might have to come up with something even better for next weekend!

We already have our menu in our heads for next week and we’re really looking forward to showing them to you guys.