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Hello again folks, back to show you once more what we were up to this past weekend. We went for a real mix of cuisines this time and I think it really paid off!



Salt’n’Pepper Frogs Legs with Red Onion Marmalade

While some may have felt that it was a little bit unusual, I have to say that this was a brilliant idea and it went down a treat. This was the perfect choice for a way to cook an unusual starter.


Crispy Beef Salad with Thai Nam Pri dressing

The favourite starter of the weekend, its hard to go wrong with crispy beef! What can I say other than that.

Main Courses

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Pan Fried Fillet of Ling, bed of stir Fried Carrots & Courgettes with Ginger & a Sundried Tomato Beurre Blanc, Veg & Rice Stuffed Spring Roll

There was a lot going on with this dish, but it was all good. The sauce was so good I had to share a picture of just that so ye can see how tasty it was!


 Thai Braised Beef Steak, Coconut Rice & Crispy Onions

Oh man this was fantastic, slow braised beef that was so tender and juicy that it practically falls apart as you’re eating it. Filled with flavour and a nice little pile of crispy onions, what more could you need!

Dessert Special


Coconut & Sago Panna Cotta, Ginger Syrup with diced Pineapple and almond tuile

These tuiles took more than a few goes to get right but they turned out great in the end. Sago is a real Chinese ingredient for desserts and we were really happy with how it paired off with the Panna Cotta style. We liked this so much that we might even consider putting it on the menu full time.

And that’s it for this week folks, time to get started on next weeks stuff!