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Our Menu

Meat Sung (for 2 persons) €15.00

Minced pork, diced peppers, crispy noodles in lettuce leaf. (GF)


Aromatic Duck (for 2 persons) €23.00

Half duck marinated in Chinese spices, steamed then quickly fried for a crispy skin leaving the meat tasty and tender.
Served with green salad, pancakes and hoi sin sauce.


Spring Rolls €6.75

ham, pork, white cabbage, sweet & sour dip
Vegetable filled rolls also available, just ask!


Spare Ribs €7.50

BBQ Sauce


Salt & Peppered Ribs €7.80

lightly battered (GF)


Salt & Chilli Spiced Prawns €8.30

lightly battered (GF)


Chicken Skewers €7.80

Satay Sauce (N)


Sesame Prawn Toast €7

sweet & sour dip


Chilli Prawn Wontons €7

sweet chilli dip


Steamed Pork Dumplings €6.80

garlic soy vinegar dip


Breaded Mushrooms €6

Garlic Mayonnaise


Spicy Vegetable Samosas €6


Prawn Wonton Soup €6

Prawn Tom Yum Soup €6

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup €6

Hot & Sour Soup €6

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