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Much and all as I love working in the restaurant there is one aspect that you never quite get used to…. Always working weekends.

To be fair its what you sign up for when you work in the hospitality industry and I can’t complain as it was my choice but it does mean you miss out on a lot of things.. Most notably I never get to see sporting events, especially the big matches as its a very busy time for us with people looking to get food before and after the event.

So I’ve tried to get into the habit of recording the matches and watching them when I get home at night after work. That doesn’t always go so well… In fact it rarely ever does. Its almost like the words “didn’t get to see it yet” compell people to then give you a scoreline and summary of the event. I always try to gently steer the conversation away from the result if I can but inevitably I find out.
I have lots of friends who work in the industry and I know its the same for them too. So next time you pop in for dinner or for a takeaway I’d love to talk to you… Just don’t tell me the score!